1 day ago

It’s so exciting to see skin improvements so quickly with TRS! As the skin is our largest organ, it is a good indicator of our toxin burden and wellness!

“My TRS journey is young, and trying - ... See more

2 days ago

Did you know animals benefit from detoxing too? 🐶

3 days ago

“Going into my 3rd week using TRS and just wanted to share my gains that I can only assume are related, as I haven’t changed or added anything else into my diet/ supplement routine.

For a ... See more

4 days ago

This mother’s relief is so palpable!

It is often said that rashes are the body’s way of communicating that the body is overwhelmed by toxins. It makes perfect sense why this little guy’s skin ... See more

1 week ago

Wow wow wow!! 😍

*Mold skin issues update*

My baby’s skin has gotten progressively worse and we didn’t know what was happening. We suspected food sensitivities so I tried to restrict my diet ... See more

2 weeks ago

Did you know heavy metals could affect cranial nerves?

“I have always had a hardened look like I am scowling even when completely relaxed. No one could give me an answer. It has continued to get ... See more

2 weeks ago

What a powerful testimonial! 😍

“I started TRS early this year. It’s funny because I didn’t really start taking it for myself, I satarted taking it because I was giving it to my daughter. I ... See more

3 weeks ago

Have you heard of the link between heavy metals and parasites?


1 month ago

What were some of the earliest gains you have noticed with detoxing? We definitely have our share of users who reported increased smells followed by not needing deodorant!

1 month ago

Did you know that many of our TRS users have reported that they are able to quit drinking and for those who do drink on occasion, TRS seems to help prevent hangovers?

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